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Expert Appraisals and Purchases | Cincinnati, OH

Located in the heart of downtown of Cincinnati and with a number of satellite locations, Coins+ deals in precious metals, art work, and rare artifacts. Our appraisal experts offer on-site services at commercial and residential locations for large items or collections, and every appraisal is free with a purchase. With your convenience in our mind, we go to the site, banks, and homes for both commercial and individual appraisals. Even if you aren't prepared to purchase with us, just mention you found our name online to receive a sizable discount. 

Award Winning, Nationally Recognized Dealer

Recognized nationally as appraisal and purchasing experts of the highest degree, our team is simply the best for rare and valuable items. Our seasoned appraisers have decades of experience under their belts and know the trends and sales history for their respective markets. You can schedule on-site appraisals for your large items or rare collections, and expect a high-quality of professionalism and courtesy from the Coins+ team during both home and business visits.

Expert Appraisals and Purchases

You'd never buy or sell a car without referencing its blue book value, so why would you do the same with a rare coin, precious metal, artifact, or piece of collector artwork? Our team of experienced purchasing and appraisal professionals are here to give you an accurate idea of the range of value of any item you're interested in buying or selling. Looking for something rare and hard to find? Our purchasing team is here to help connect you with a seller who has what you're looking for. 

No Appraisal Charge with Purchase

While a large portion of our business comes from our appraisal service, if you contract with us for an appraisal and then use us as a purchasing agent for the item appraised, the appraisal is free. If you're seriously looking to buy, our appraisal and purchasing experts want to work with you to save you as much money as possible. We'll find you the lowest spot price imaginable on whatever it is you're looking to buy, and through the appraisal in on top. It doesn't get any better than that!
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