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Cincinnati's most accurate source for appraisals

When you are looking for an expert appraisal, look no further than the experts at Coins Plus. We have been providing appraisals in the greater Cincinnati area since 1972. We will determine the most accurate value for your item and help you with the liquidation process. We can also go out to your location and do the appraisals. Worried about going to banks or homes? No need as we can do this for you.

Appraisal experts

When it comes to determining the value of your items you can not find a better team than those at Coins +.  One of our partners is widely published, and we contribute regularly to the Redbook and Bluebook publications. That means that we know what the current value is of your items. 
Currency selling recommendation by Coins Plus

We find the best value

No matter the item you bring to us for an appraisal, we will work hard to find an accurate value.  Our extensive experience guarantees you the most accurate pricing information in Cincinnati.

Selling recommendations

Our experience and attendance at major national shows guarantees you a market for your items.  
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